ADFCA launches new Innovative Suggestion System- ADFCA 2020
11/23/2016 11:00 PM

Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority has launched Innovative Suggestion System in the name of 'ADFCA 2020' in a function recently held at its headquarters in the presence of Director General H.E Rashid Al Shariqi and other high-placed officials of the authority. The launching comes in sync with UAE Innovation Week programs and in order to execute innovative ideas from the part of employees in a scientific and systematic way with the objective of inculcating essence of innovation in all kind of plans and programs in the organization.

During the function, a few presentations dealing with various aspects of innovation and its application and management inside government organizations were delivered. Majid Al Hosani, Director of Development & Corporate Excellence Division delivered a presentation which covered a range of points related to the methodology of innovation management.  Bader Al Shehy, Director of Material Management Division, in his presentation, shed light on the Administrative Innovation Project in ADFCA and talked about how innovation works and how it to be managed inside a government organization. Explaining the real sense of concepts such as, innovation, creativity and invention and the differences between them, he highlighted the process through which innovation emerges, develops and becomes part of government businesses in addition to various challenges to be tackled while managing innovation at its best.

In another presentation, Dr. Salam Al Muhairi, Director of Laboratories Division invited attention of the audience to the innovation aspects in the recently developed system by ADFCA to detect Corona Virus within 20 minutes. She said the new system needs only 20 minutes to amylase the sample and to issue the results. According to her, the new system needs no conventional laboratory set-up rather it can be operated anywhere such as farms or border entries. As an example for the innovative features of the system she pointed that many herd of camels can be tested with the system within a short time. She also added that to execute the sample analysis and to read the result no expert is needed; rather any trained technician can carry out the job smoothly.

It is noted that, Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority has been keen on encouraging innovation inside the organization and to promote it well during policy drafting and plan designing. In the past years, a number of innovative ideas have been made in to projects and plans such as the fast-track Corona Virus testing system which contributed in bettering ADFCA' s services and in cutting costs in the organization. To showcase ADFCA's innovative ideas and how innovation works in the developmental process inside the organization, ADFCA is participating in the ongoing UAE Innovation Week programs at Masdar City. With the launching of new innovative suggestion system -ADFCA 2020- the leadership see more exploration in what innovation can do in revolutionizing government businesses and public services.

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