More than 2000 students visit ADFCA food safety awareness stand in Abu Dhabi Science Festival
11/22/2015 11:00 PM


More than two thousand students visited and participated in the activities of the food safety awareness stand set by Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) at the Abu Dhabi Science Festival that concluded recently marking a big milestone in the journey of the country towards knowledge and innovation.

Apart from the big number of visitors, the first ever participation from the part of ADFCA in the science festival was highly successful in terms disseminating the food safety knowledge and awareness, thanks to the unique activities designed to attract young minds.

ADFCA stand provided two type of interactive workshops targeting children aged between 6- 16, of which the first was titled as "Junior Inspector" and the other carried the name "Junior Shopper". Replicating to a grocery with food products for sale, the ADFCA stand provided a practical venue for students to understand the basics of food safety through playing the role of food inspector and shopper.

While commenting on the activities, Ali Yousef Al Saad, Acting Director of Communication & Community Service Division at ADFCA said: "ADFCA participated in the Science Festival out of its keenness to involve and support initiatives aiming at promoting science, knowledge, innovation and development of national human resource. Being a popular show for young generation, ADFCA saw it as a perfect platform to interact with children to impart them food safety awareness which is key for any advanced economy and society"

He said, the content of workshops and the methodology of delivery was designed skillfully to inspire the curiosity and to satisfy the fun-loving attitude of young generation.

"While the workshop 'Junior Inspector' gave the child the opportunity to inspect the model grocery according to the check-list normally used by ADFCA food inspectors to understand key food safety points, the second one, 'Junior Shopper' provided best insight to safe shopping practices. The child was guided to shop wisely keeping in mind the safety of products while picking up from the shelves, placing in the trolley and finally while transporting the items the way home" he explained.

According to him, four food experts of ADFCA were assigned to guide the young visitors apart from other employees of Awareness & Education Section during the activities that held in two spells ran between 14-16 and 19-21 of this month.

Apart from the workshops, distribution of awareness materials and other recreational activities also were held.

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