10 food-related services only through online or smart channels: ADFCA
11/22/2016 11:00 PM

Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority, being part of its continuous efforts to better the performance in line with the overall development witnessed in the country and being part switching to smart governance, has made 10 of its services completely 'online' or 'smart' with effect from 27th of November. The Authority has requested all customers to use its official website or smart applications to enjoy these services with ADFCA offices and outlets no longer accept applications for these service from the date mentioned above.

In this respect, Thamer AlQasemi, ADFCA spokesperson commented: "We would like to transform our services to "smart services" from the conventional methods in order to ensure quality of services and to reap maximum customer satisfaction. The recent step to move 10 services completely to "online" or "smart" categories reflect ADFCA's commitment towards full filing leadership's vision of future governance and service delivery that ensure saving of time and effort for the customers"

According to him, ADFCA customers can now apply for these services from anywhere using ADFCA portal or smart Apps anytime without queuing up in offices or service centers.

"We are aiming to bring change to the way we serve people. Service will be available 24 hours throughout the week irrespective of working days or off-days" he added.

He asked customers to visit ADFCA's official website, www.adfca.ae and to register their names in the online service page for submitting applications for these services.

"If anybody experience any kind of difficulty in registering their names there is a short video clip available in the same page explaining the steps to enter and register or simply call at 800555 for assistance" he explained.

It is learnt that the 10 services that are going to be online or smart soon, deal with food and related activities. They are: Food Export Compliance Certificate Issuance request, Food Export Compliance Certificate Issuance request (for GCC countries), Preliminary Approval Certificate Issuance request, Food Premises Plan Review request, Permit for Resuming Food Establishment Activities After Administrative Closure Issuance request, Temporary Permit Related to Food Activities ( Exhibitions& Events), Temporary Permit Related to Food Activities (Tents) Food Supply Permit for Schools & Universities Issuance request, Promotional Campaign Permit Issuance request and Food Disposal Permit Issuance request

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