Control Sector at ADFCA organizes ‘Read & Rise’ program being part of ‘ADFCA Reads’ Initiative
3/21/2016 11:00 PM

The Control Sector at Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority has organized a program under the title 'Read & Rise' being part of the ongoing campaign 'ADFCA Reads' which is an community initiative in line with the UAE President's directive to observe 2016 as Year of Reading.

Mouza Al Muhairi, Executive Director of Control Sector, Afraa Al Hamily, Mohammed Al Mubarak, both from Al Jewa Culture & Media, Hilal  Al Khalifa, media person and Wesam Yusuf, library expert participated in the program held in ADFCA headquarters.

During her opening remarks, Mouza Al Muhairi explained about the basic principles and objectives of the program and how important is the habit of reading for citizens living in society dreaming for a bright future.

She said, the program aims to carry out reading of100 selected books and to conduct discussions on the subject each book focuses. According to her, setting up an online library as well as a program to exchange books among the employees are also on the cards in order to encourage reading and to support book lovers in the sector.

The opening remarks was followed by a discussion on reading and acquiring knowledge in which Afraa Al Hamili and Mohammed Al Mubarak participated in guest roles. The discussion which was anchored by Hilal Al Khalifa covered many aspects of reading and incorporated interventions from the audience. How to inculcate and sustain the habit of reading in children was one of the main topics that received audience attention.

A show featuring books and exhibits from National Archives was set up in the sidelines of the program which also witnessed good number of viewers. Photographs of and related to Father of Nation H.H. Shaikh Zayed Bin Al Nahyan and a series of photographs that marking journey of the country towards progress and development caught the eyes and contributed in the overall success of the program.

The program was concluded with an expert lecture delivered by Wesam Yusuf which highlighted the right approach towards books, the relation to be made between book and reader, different kind of readings, innovative ways to fell in love with reading and many other important topics which might help to transform reading as an interesting business.

Guests and volunteers were honored in the concluding session.    

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