ADFCA’s comprehensive e-service framework targets optimal customer happiness
12/20/2016 11:00 PM

After having switched to a comprehensive frame-work for e-services, Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority has accomplished 25,000 online service transactions so far this year. A huge number of customers hailing from food and agriculture sectors have benefitted from the authority's online and smart app based services which comes in 24 titles.

According to Thamer AlQasemi, the spokesperson, ADFCA has been keen on improving and developing the style and means of government service delivery in order to reap maximum customer satisfaction and to be in line with the leadership's aspiration regarding public happiness. He said improving the quality of services and speed of delivery have been ADFCA's prime concerns while switching 24 of its main services to online platforms such as web portal and smart applications.

After ADFCA made these 24 services available on e-platforms, now the customers can apply and avail services anytime and anywhere, adding much flexibility and fastness to the public service domain.

Thamer AlQasemi said ADFCA has put much effort on studying customers' needs and analyzing changing market dynamics in additions to reviewing several mechanisms to ensure service quality before it implemented the e-service frame work. 

He said ADFCA now offers 11 online services related to food sector which will be beneficial for food suppliers and various types of food facilities. These group of services include Temporary Permit Request Related to Food Activities , Food Export Compliance Certificate Issuance Request, Food Export Compliance Certificate Issuance Request (For GCC Countries), Promotional campaign Permit Issuance Request, Food Supply Permit for Schools and Universities Issuance Request, Preliminary Approval Certificate Issuance Request, Food Premises Plan Review Request, Permit for Resuming Food Establishment Activities after Administrative Action and No-objection Certificate issuance request.

According to him, in the animal wealth sector, there are six online service titles which will ensure easiness, speed and flexibility in the procedure of service delivery for animal farmers in the emirate. These services include Treatment for Diseased Animals, Registration of Animals, Updating of Animal Wealth Data, and Pesticide Spray for animals, Animal Registration Certificate issuance and Free from Diseases Certificate issuance.

In agriculture sector, there are seven services which are now available online. They include mainly Request for Pump-set distribution, Hay Distribution, Registration for Farmer's Income Improvement Program and Issuance of Agricultural Service Card, he said.

Recent ADFCA figures show that a total of 1221 companies which are registered in the e-service system are benefitting from 10 online service categories. Likewise, now a total of 4158 registered individual customers are enjoying 14 various services with much smoothness and flexibility in applying and accessing the services.

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  • Last Updated On: Dec 20, 2016