ADFCA features its updated Smart Service App in GITEX
10/20/2015 8:00 AM

Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) has introduced its Smart Service Application (updated version) in the ongoing GITEX exhibition at Dubai Word Trade Center.

The Food Control Authority is participating in the exhibition for the third consecutive year under the banner of Abu Dhabi e-government.

According to Ali Yousef Al Saad, Acting Director of Communication and Community Service Division, ADFCA has added a number of services recently to its Smart Service App, in line with the orientations of the government to follow the smart methodologies in everything related to the functional tasks, whether at the level of the staff or for the benefit of the public.

Ali Al Saad said ADFCA Smart Mobile Application is designed to act as service smart platform, which provides for both employees and the public interactive services to facilitate their work.

"The application provides the information, data and maps of ADFCA as well as an updated list of food related rumors, administrative facilities closures and products withdrawn or returned or seized, along with angled awareness of food safety issues and news releases published about ADFCA" he explained.

According to him, services such as Animals Resources Registration, Animal Wealth Data Updating, and Insecticidal Spray for Animals, Ill Animal Treatment, Plan Review for Food Facilities and Application for NOC have been recently added to the Smart Application.

From his part, Omar Al Nuaimi, Director of Information Technology& Communication Division at ADFCA said the Smart Application also includes many other information and interactive services for customers, including agricultural and veterinary services.

"The user can choose to search within specific categories such as administrative offices, customers service centers, veterinary clinics, fodder distribution centers, feed and irrigation stations, research centers and warehouses. Links to ADFCA's social media channels, such as Facebook and Twitter as well the access to all policies and legislation issued by the ADFCA are other main features of the application" he said.

"The application also includes an introductory project about "SALAMT ZADNA," which is a workable system for food safety management related to the small and independent food establishments in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi" he added.

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