ADFCA organizes awareness lecture on ‘Cyber Black-mailing’
4/19/2016 11:00 PM

Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority has recently organized an awareness lecture program on cyber blackmailing and the ways to prevent it, collaborating with Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) and the Al Ameen Service of Dubai Police.

In the program, which was organized in line with ADFCA's policy to update employees on advanced information in the field of technology and related areas for ensuring better performances and results, Abdullah Lashkari, Director of Positive Energy Center delivered the lecture which shed light on various aspects of the phenomenon of online extortion.

He explained, in the cases of black mailing or extortion, fake people contacts with online users especially youngsters through social media or smart applications and trickily creates friendship with them and eventually collects images or videos or chats or any other personal information to black mail them later by threatening to share it on social media channels. He said these criminals would demand money for not disclosing personal images and videos which becomes a serious haunt for the innocent user.

The speaker stressed the importance of monitoring children's online activities and ensuring best communication with them in addition to give moral instructions and education to protect them from possible traps of the internet.

He said given the explosive development happened in communication technology especially the increase in the volume and reach of internet use, the challenges such as cyber blackmailing and extortion are increasing.

Much highlighted the part of awareness and education, he also described other legal aspects of the phenomenon which has become not only a threat for individuals but even for big organizations as well. 

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  • Last Updated On: Apr 19, 2016