ADFCA accomplishes 19.2 million e-transactions this year
10/16/2016 11:00 PM

Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority has accomplished more than 19.2 million e-transactions under the authority's 24 e- service titles that related to food, agriculture and livestock available in its website as well as in other smart applications. The Authority has also earned a total of 8.5 million dirham through these transactions.

While commenting on this achievement, Thamer AlQasemi, Director of Communication & Community Service Division at ADFCA said: "ADFCA has always been keen on adopting best developmental plans that contribute in upgrading the e-services delivered to the public, hoping to reach highest levels in customer satisfaction by ensuring the competency and quality of services with giving much focus on saving time and effort for customers."

He said now customers can apply for ADFCA services online every day in the week, anytime from anywhere, expecting for quick delivery of services.

According to him, for the last few years ADFCA has been constantly carrying out studies on the prevailing service delivery mechanism in the organization as well as collecting customer opinions and suggestions in order to better the situations hoping to be in line with customer expectations and the progress witnessed in the economy.

It's noted that ADFCA now offers 11 online services related to food sector which will be beneficial for food suppliers and various types of food facilities. These group of services include Temporary Permit Request Related to Food Activities , Food Export Compliance Certificate Issuance Request , Food Export Compliance Certificate Issuance Request (For GCC Countries), Promotional campaign Permit Issuance Request, Food Supply Permit for Schools and Universities Issuance Request, Preliminary Approval Certificate Issuance Request, Food Premises Plan Review Request, Permit for Resuming Food Establishment Activities after Administrative Action and No-objection Certificate issuance request.

In the bouquet of e-services related to animal wealth sector, there are six categories which will ensure easiness, speed and flexibility in the procedure of service delivery for animal farmers in the emirate. The services include Treatment for Diseased Animals, Registration of Animals, Updating of Animal Wealth Data, and Pesticide Spray for animals, Animal Registration Certificate issuance and Free from Diseases Certificate issuance.

According to ADFCA, seven services have been now become online in agriculture sector. They include mainly Request for Pump-set distribution, Hay Distribution, Registration for Farmer's Income Improvement Program and Issuance of Agricultural Service Card.

Recent ADFCA figures show that a total of 1221 companies which are registered in the e-service system are benefitting from 10 service categories. Likewise, so far, a total of 4158 registered individual customers have benefitted from 12 various services.

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  • Last Updated On: Oct 20, 2016