Training for second batch of school canteen supervisors begins
11/15/2015 11:00 PM

​Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority has started training course of the second batch of female school canteen supervisors organized in collaboration with Emirates Transport.

The training which will continue till 27th of this month, is part of the initiative in the name "Supported Healthy Meals" launched with the cooperation by Khalifa Foundation, Abu Dhabi Education Council and Emirates Transport.

The term canteen supervisor refers to an appointed staff in the canteen who is responsible for communication with ADFCA inspectors and the sale of food products to school children. He is responsible for the overall health situation of the canteen as is accountable for implementing the food related rules and fulfilling safety requirements. All kind of required mandatory documents such as health certificate, follow-up register and supply permit are to be maintained by the supervisor and he/she should submit them before ADFCA officials whenever required.

Apart from the modules related to supervisors' job inside the school canteen, basic principles of food safety, safe food handling methods and standards & criteria set by ADFCA are also included in the training session's agenda.

It is noted that Abu Dhabi Education Council and Health Authority- Abu Dhabi have entered in to a cooperation agreement in order to ensure healthy food for students through school canteens.

The school canteen standards guild lines in Abu Dhabi emirate is a comprehensive document on how to develop and run canteens ensuring high health and nutritional standards. It sets forth requirements and standards considering the activity types of canteens as well as the hazard levels of food handled there in addition to the instructions for safe food handling practices for the staff and developmental guidelines for food suppliers.

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  • Last Updated On: Nov 18, 2015