ADFCA organizes mock fire evacuation drill
10/15/2016 11:00 PM

Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority has organized a mock fire evacuation drill at its headquarters recently collaborating with Civil Defense and Abu Dhabi Police. The program was organized being part of the efforts to train employees on the procedure to be taken during fire breaks and to test the overall preparedness for the emergencies.

Being part of the drill the emergency siren was raised at 10 am informing the employees in the 20-storied building about a fire outbreak in 7th floor. Emergency announced, the Health & Safety team of ADFCA was got in full alert and started evaluating each and every staff after informing the authorities. The Abu Dhabi Police control room received the emergency notification and acted according to the emergency plan coordinating with Civil Defense. Before the rescue and emergency units of Civil Defense reached the spot the health & safety team in ADFCA had finished the evacuation process. The team successfully evacuated the entire staff within eight minutes and got them collected in the emergency assembly point for further directions.

The Civil Defense team acted according to the drill plan with a complete professional way and rescued a man in the seventh floor who was "injured seriously" in the fire who was taken in the ambulance to the hospital.

During the drill that took one hour, the employees were trained on how to act during such emergency situations and how to follow the plan without exposing themselves to danger.

It is noted that ADFCA follows a perfect health and safety system and is keen to conducts mock drills at intervals in order to test the emergency preparedness and to educate employees the scientific evacuation methods. 

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  • Last Updated On: Oct 20, 2016