Training Workshop for small scale entrepreneurs in the poultry production field
9/16/2015 8:00 AM

Animal Production Division of Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority has organized recently a training workshop for small scale entrepreneurs in the poultry production filed, collaborating with Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development.

The workshop targeted mainly the small scale entrepreneurs who applied for financial support from Khalifa Fund to run their broiler chicken farms.

The workshop handled a range of topics including the importance of licensing small scale poultry production, bio-security aspects with the poultry industry, best practices in running broiler chicken farms and on how to gain standard weight for chicken produced in the farms.

Procedures for receiving for finance from Khalifa Fund, the role of the Fund in developing small scale enterprises and other related topics were also discussed during the workshop.

An open session followed the presentations during which participants interacted with the experts on how to improve the production and on the best methods to market the produce in order to ensure better returns.


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