Abu Dhabi Plan explores future of the emirate: Al Shariqi
6/14/2016 11:00 PM

H.E Rashid Mohammed Al Shariqi, Director General of Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority has stated that Abu Dhabi Plan is an important step towards exploring the future of the emirate. He described it as a complete roadmap for the continuous development to reach the future generation.

"The plan comprises ambitious goals and is talking about a promising future full of achievements evolved through sustainable growth of local economy and the best utilization of emirate's resources in order to achieve happiness and prosperity of the society gained through activating  comprehensive strategic plans and programs that keep in pace with the rapid development witnessed by the world in addition to the development of governmental sectors, accelerating the performance of non-oil sectors and encouraging the trend towards a diverse and sustainable economy" he said.

He stressed ADFCA's commitment towards achieving the objectives of the ADFCA Strategic Plan 2016-2020 and its determinants which is inspired by the Abu Dhabi Plan aimed to achieve food security and sustainability of agricultural sector through developing the agriculture and fisheries sectors, guaranteeing food safety and transforming to smart food and agriculture support in addition to achieving sustainability in food and water supplies and the enhancement of ADFCA's role as the front-runner in the march towards achieving food safety in the emirate.

He said ADFCA is shouldering the responsibility for shaping the features of future food scene of the emirate which ensures optimal use of food resources in order to develop sustainable and systematic food environments comprising world-class systems that used to supervise various food-related sectors such as agriculture, livestock and food industries, and that which encourages domestic and foreign investment in the food and agricultural sector to ensure sustainability of the food supplies.

Al Shariqi pointed that Strategic Plan of ADFCA was developed in line with Abu Dhabi Plan and in order to achieve its goals and programs especially those which focuses on food security and enhancement of agriculture by bringing sustainability in the sector which is necessitated by the steady increase in demand for food generated as the result of the comprehensive development and the population growth and economic growth accompanying this development.

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  • Last Updated On: Jun 16, 2016