Repeated violations lead to closure of veterinary pharmacy in Al Wathba
11/14/2016 11:00 PM

Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority issued administrative closure order for Fares Al Arab Veterinary Pharmacy which was operating with the license number CN-1070893 in Al Wathba area of Abu Dhabi, for not complying with the health standards and causing risk to public health and safety.

In this connection, Thamer AlQasemi, spokesperson of ADFCA said, the administrative closure comes after the facility found to have failed to better the situations and to eliminate reasons that was causing violation.

He said ADFCA exercises its power to close down facilities only after the normal procedures including issuance of Notice, Warning and Final Warning find no results in ending the violations.

"In this case, our inspectors had issued Notice, Warning and Final Warning before we moved to close the veterinary pharmacy" he said.

According to him the pharmacy will remain shutters down until the management clears all the factors that was causing violation and once it is done business can be resumed normally in line with the laws and regulations.

It is learnt that the closed down pharmacy has been running without the mandatory provision of an approved veterinary doctor. Some other necessary permits were also found to be expired which are clear violation to the prevailing regulations.

AlQasemi further said ADFCA is keen on ensuring safety of food materials handled across the emirate by executing a perfect control mechanism which includes systematic inspections and awareness raising programs.

"To ensure safety and quality of food- food for humans as well as livestock- ADFCA follows a stringent mechanism to monitor products throughout the food chain and intervenes wherever violations are found. With regards to the veterinary pharmacies, ADFCA inspectors visit all facilities in the emirate according to their plan and check if the medicines are allowed to be sold according to UAE law. Keeping a thrust on the expiry dates and the storage practices, the inspectors will ensure that all medicines and other veterinary materials are of good quality and are fit for consumption" he explained.

In the wake of the administrative closure, Thamer AlQasemi urged public to be vigilant about the safety of their livestock and if anything found to be violating the rules and posing risk to the health of humans or animals, to notify authorities by calling at 80055.

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  • Last Updated On: Nov 16, 2016