Awareness campaign in Mina fish market ahead of Sheri-Safi fishing ban
2/14/2016 11:00 PM

As part of efforts to implement ministerial decree number 501 of 2015 pertaining to regulating catching two kind of fish breeds, namely Sheri and Safi during spawning season, Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority and Ministry of Climate Change & Environment has joined hands to carry out an awareness campaign targeting fish outlets in Mina Market.

The officials met vendors and shop keepers in order to educate them the spirit of the law which bans fishing and selling of Sheri and Safi breeds during spawning season.

The team met representatives of fish export and re-export businesses located in the area and enlightened them the environmental importance of the two breeds of which only 7% of stock is left now.

The leaflets and other publication materials distributed among the shop keepers asked them to refrain from fishing and selling Sheri and Safi in order to help the fish-stock refill naturally, which is most needed for sustainability of marine resources.

Commenting on the campaign, H.E. Mariam Muhammed Hareb, Assistant Under-Secretary, Water Resources & Nature Conservation Affairs Department, Ministry of Climate Change & Environment stressed the importance of collaboration with the strategic partners such as ADFCA in order to implement laws in line with the strategic objectives to support environment sustainability.

She said the new decision to control the fishing and selling of Safi and Sheri will substantially help to enrich the fish stock naturally.

Mr. Ali Al Saad, Acting Director of Communication & Community Service Division said, the campaign comes part of ADFCA's continuous efforts to protect and develop food resources in the country as well as part of cooperation and partnership with other government entities to save marine resources.

Praising Ministry's efforts to protect fish stock in the country he said, the campaign will contribute in increasing the awareness among fish businesses about the importance of environment, resources and especially sustainability of marine wealth.

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  • Last Updated On: Feb 18, 2016