ADFCA starts food safety campaign targeting desert campers
11/13/2016 11:00 PM

With people started visiting desert areas for camping and other enjoyments, Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority has launched a campaign to educate desert goers on safe food handling practices in order to ensure safety from food-borne diseases.

While commenting on the new campaign, Thamer AlQasemi, ADFCA spokesperson said, the authority is keen on reaching out people hailing from various sections of the society across the emirate for disseminating food safety awareness through educating them safe food handling practices, being part of its efforts to guarantee food safety and to develop a sustainable food sector.

According to him one of the main safety practices to be taken care of before heading to deserts is the keenness to keep different types of food in separate carriers.

"Raw food should be separated from cooked food; likewise, meat and fish should be carried in separate packets or insulated containers and kept away from fruits and vegetables to avoid cross-contamination" he said.

"Before starting your trip ensure enough amount of ice is put in the ice-boxes to keep your food and beverages safe" he reminded.

He asked desert goers to ensure that meat meant for grilling was bought from approved food facilities and is good for consumption.

Using natural coal or wood sticks for barbeque and avoiding artificial wood, avoiding plastic utensils meant for cool food for keeping or serving hot food, using utensils made for one time use, ensuring hygiene of equipment and utensils, using tissue papers for cleaning hands and avoiding other alternatives, avoiding eating or cooking unknown herbs or plants from the deserts and avoiding drinking water from unknown sources are other important things ADFCA suggests to ensure food safety and health during desert trips.

Thamer AlQasemi also urged people to keep camping areas extra clean and to dispose leftover food and other litters only in designated areas being part of protecting the desert which forms the biggest share of emirate's natural resource.

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  • Last Updated On: Nov 16, 2016