ADFCA enhances boarder food control with ‘Dhabi’ System
3/12/2016 11:00 PM

Control Sector of Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority has enhanced recently the control activities at the boarders by implementing 'Dhabi' System used to complete the procedures for imported food shipments, collaborating with Abu Dhabi Customs. By this new step, all procedures related to ADFCA and Abu Dhabi Customs will be integrated to a unified system.

The updating on the system comes being part of ADFCA's efforts to integrate and ease the procedures to inspect food shipments imported to UAE as well as the transit shipments in order to guarantee safety of products.

The new system enhancement will end many hurdles suppliers were facing in the past and will substantially reduce time and effort for data entry, inspection, sample collection and analysis of samples in line with the products' risk level based system.

"The new system implemented collaborating with the Abu Dhabi Customs will serve as a unique service that proportionately saves time for customs and inspection procedures. The shipment movement will become more easy and safe in the current system" Said Ali Al Saad, Acting Director of Communication & Community Service Division at ADFCA in this regard.

It is noted that the new system is not only going to benefit the customs and food control but many other sectors too which are directly or indirectly connected with food.

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  • Last Updated On: Mar 14, 2016