ADFCA spends 132 hours for awareness raising in September
10/10/2016 11:00 PM

Being part of its journey toward building a sustainable food sector in the emirate and in the efforts to spread the food safety message among various sections of the society, Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority has spent 132 hours during last month for a total of 10 awareness activities that included lectures, campaigns and workshops. Last month's awareness activities also included two campaigns fielded during Eid and Hajj targeting students, shoppers, food facility workers as well as ADFCA employees.

During this period Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority sent a technical team including food safety inspectors to Makkah along with the official UAE Hajj mission in order to ensure that only safe food was served to the pilgrims from the country.

Last month, two lectures, one on food safety and the other on food poisoning were held in Mohammed Bin Khaled School aiming to educate the students in the school. More than 720 students including both sexes attended the two lectures conducted in Al Dhafra Private School. Being part of efforts to raise food safety awareness among neighborhoods, ADFCA organized a lecture on the impacts of heavy metal presence in the food at Bin Tannaf Majlis in which heads of several families in Bani Yas participated and interacted with the officials.

Other activities include a workshop on FIMIS and Dhaby systems implemented in Al Ain border and Mazyed Customs and the authority's participation in special needs children's festival.

During Eid and Hajj, ADFCA worked hard to ensure safety of food sold and handled across the emirate giving a focus on safe slaughtering and safety and quality of sacrificial meat by distributing publicity materials and using its social media channels. 

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  • Last Updated On: Oct 12, 2016