ADFCA confirms frozen Egyptian strawberries are safe
10/9/2016 11:00 PM

Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority has confirmed that there is no risk of Hepatitis C in the frozen strawberries imported from Egypt and refuted the authenticity of the rumor recently spread about the products.

The confirmation from Abu Dhabi's official food control body comes after it carried out thorough investigation about the rumor with the cooperation from Ministry of Climate Change & Environment and its other competent stakeholders.

The scientific analysis of the samples collected from various retail outlets held at the laboratories under the Abu Dhabi Quality & Conformity Council categorically denied the allegations that the products contained presence of the virus and confirmed they are fit for human consumption.

In this connection, Thamer AlQasemi, Director of Communication & Community Service Division at ADFCA said: "ADFCA has been following the case ever since the rumor erupted following a report from US Food & Drug Administration and closely worked with many national and international agencies in America and Egypt to check the entry of the contaminated products to the boundaries of UAE. In the second step we started collecting samples from Abu Dhabi markets deploying teams including inspectors and technical staffs to be sent for laboratory examinations to ensure if the products were conforming to our quality and safety standards and specifications"

He said ADFCA is always keen to respond and act accordingly to the notifications received through its official communication channels as well as those which are sent by SEHA especially on food poisoning cases in addition to other notifications from competent government authorities regarding safety and quality of food products handled in side Abu Dhabi emirate.

It is noted that ADFCA follows a stringent control and inspection system in the ports of entry through which all shipments are undergone for scientific examinations and tests in order to ensure the quality and safety of food sold and handled inside the emirate.

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  • Last Updated On: Oct 11, 2016