Surprise inspections in Liwa and Mirfa
8/10/2015 8:00 AM

Food inspectors at Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority have carried out surprise visits on food outlets operating both in Liwa and Mirfa cities just after Eid holidays in order to closely monitor food safety situation in these areas.

The inspection cum awareness drive titled as 'Towards A Safe Summer' conducted by the inspectors at the Western Region branch of ADFCA ended up with serving warning letters to several food outlets and destroying some amount of sub-standard food products.

According to ADFCA, total seven food outlets were given warning letters while 12 kilogram of substandard products were seized and destroyed.

The inspectors also gave instructions to the owners and staff on a variety of safety points to be taken care of while preparing, cooking, transporting and displaying food products.

The businesses were given strict instructions over the required temperature levels to be maintained in various stages of food production, especially while keeping them in the refrigerator.

ADFCA urged public to take extra alert while buying and consuming food during the summer season.

Public can call at 800555 to inform ADFCA if they notice any violations from the part of food facilities.

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  • Last Updated On: Aug 18, 2015