ADFCA spends 132 hours for awareness activities during the month of October

Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority spent a total of 132 hours last month to spread awareness among various sections of society in its efforts to safeguard the food safety levels in the emirate as well as to build up a sustainable food and agriculture sector.

ADFCA reached out to a varied audience including students, teachers, farmers, animal breeders and general public through 30 activities consisting lectures, visits, workshops, seminars and exhibitions.

During this period, ADFCA organized 19 lectures targeting students as well as teachers in order to impart them food safety awareness on a variety of subjects including food labels, smart and safe shopping, food poisoning, food stuff and additives, food safety principles, hand washing and safe food handling practices. A few lectures were also organized internally targeting employees and staff to give them insight on how to detect fraud products and on the procedures to be followed while notifying and reporting such incidents.

In another kind of awareness move, ADFCA took school students to food facilities in order to have hands-on experience on how to handle food safely and in line with the food safety rules and regulations. During 7 such visits conducted last month, participants had the opportunity to watch food production, processing, sterilization, packaging and other activities commonly held in a food related business.

ADFCA played an active role in the 'Asemati' Initiative organized by Abu Dhabi City Municipality in the form of an exhibition and a few lectures and awareness visits.

Awareness campaigns targeting fish markets, workers' cities and animal production centers were also included in ADFCA's awareness activities in October.  While campaigns to the fish markets focused on the importance 'self-control' and on how businesses can share responsibility along with the authorities in raising food safety levels, the campaigns to the workers 'cities and animal production centers shed light on the importance of food safety and animal vaccination respectively.

In addition, ADFCA utilized international occasions such as World Food Day and Hand Washing day to impart awareness on food safety among several sections of society including young generation and general public.

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  • Last Updated On: Nov 16, 2015