ADFCA continues surprise inspections on food facilities in Abu Dhabi
6/3/2016 11:00 PM

Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) is continuing its campaign to carry out surprise visits on food facilities operating in Abu Dhabi emirate being part of guaranteeing food safety, ahead of Ramadan and summer season.

ADFCA officials visited 32 bakeries situated various locations recently in order to closely watch to what extend the businesses are committed to follow food safety rules and regulations. During these visits inspectors handed over violation tickets to four bakeries and issued warnings to other 22 facilities for not abiding with food safety requirements and specifications. While some bakeries found to be not maintaining general cleanliness, others were booked for bad food handling practices and for the presence of rodents and pests inside the bakeries. Out of these, 6 bakeries were found to be full filling all types of food safety requirements as well as well at implementing ADFCA rules.

In this regard, Al Yousef Al Saad, acting Director of Communication & Community Service Division at ADFCA said the food control authority is keeping both two types of visits namely the routine one and the surprise ones being part of its efforts to ensure safety of food.

He said ADFCA increases the number and volume of bakery visits during this time because of Ramadan during which people buy bakery items more. He urged public to come forward to notify authorities about any kind of issues related to food.

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  • Last Updated On: Jun 12, 2016