Inspections on meat cold storages in Al Ain
7/7/2015 10:00 AM
As part of its Ramadan special inspection programs, Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority has carried out inspections on meat importer and supplier companies in Al Ain and Eastern Region areas.

During the drive, ADFCA officials inspected cold storage facilities of 24 for such businesses in these areas.

The inspectors mainly checked if facilities maintained the mandatory distance required between different stored products like meat, chicken and fish as well as the capacity level of these facilities to cater with the excess volume of products handled during Ramadan.

The inspectors also checked if the facilities maintain adequate monitoring and follow up with regards to the competency of cold storages as well as vehicles used to transport meat products.

The facilities are subject to strict implementation of ADFCA rules and regulations in all these areas or else have to confront with actions.

Obtaining proper permit for vehicles to transport meat products, maintaining required temperature levels and keeping designated forms for that, applying Traceability & Recall system in the case of spotting contaminated products and ensuring that only conformed vehicles are used for transporting food throughout its route starting from cold storage up to the retail out-lets are the main areas where inspectors concentrate during inspection visits.

During inspections, two facilities were served with notices for not maintaining the required distance between various types of meat products inside the cold storage as well as for not maintaining required distance between the walls and cold storage.

Warnings were issued for two facilities for using vehicles after the expiry of permits. One facility received a last warning for keeping products at an increased temperature level.

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