ADFCA offers promotional rates for its online services
7/4/2015 12:00 AM

Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority has announced that it would be offering certain online services at promotional rates in a bid to encourage customers to do online transactions instead of visiting offices in conventional way.

ADFCA customers can now enjoy fee reduction ranging from 5 to 20 percentage for online services such as Promotional Campaign Permit, Food Export Compliance Certificate (For GCC Countries), Food Export Compliance Certificate, Food Supply Permit for Schools & Universities, Temporary Permit Related to Food Activities (Tents), Temporary Permit Related to Food Activities (Exhibitions & Events), Veterinary Clearance Certificate for Animal Wealth, Food Disposal Certificate, Issuance and Cancellation of NOC and Permit for Resuming Food Establishment Activities After Administrative Closure.

In this connection, Eng. Thamer Al Qasimi, Director of Communication & Community service Division of ADFCA said:-"The new move comes in tune with the Abu Dhabi government's comprehensive plan to support and promote IT-based programs in all government services. It aims to offer customers visit-free transaction with government entities while gives new ADFCA web portal and other online services a promotion among the customers"

Eng. Thamer said the potential increase in the switching to online services aimed with this move will serve as a preparatory phase for ADFCA customers to be 'used-to' easily with various smart service initiatives to come in near future.

"ADFCA has been always in the fore, to implement latest technologies in its services aiming to transform the way government transactions are being made and to reap optimal customer satisfaction" Eng. Thamer added further.

It is noted that ADFCA is striving its best to enhance the transformation to Smart Government Services which is one of the cardinal part of the Abu Dhabi Government Strategic Vision.

The announcement of promotional rates comes following the recent launching of 24 main online services through ADFCA's website.

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  • Last Updated On: Jul 23, 2015