ADFCA spends 56 hours for awareness in March
4/2/2016 11:00 PM

Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority has spent a total of 56 hours for various kind of food safety awareness activities targeting sections during March. These activities include lectures, seminars, campaigns, workshops and awareness visits targeted school students, teachers, food facility staffs and ADFCA employees.

During the report period, 10 lectures were conducted targeting schools, workers and employees on a range of topics such as 'food safety basic', 'food poisoning', 'smart shopping', 'microbes & preventive measures', 'agriculture' and 'professionalism in the work'.

The awareness lectures conducted for ADFCA employees focused on topics such as 'EU control systems for trade, 'Food legislation systems in Ireland', 'GCC traffic week' in addition to some topics related to professional excellence.

A total of seven field visits were conducted during this period for school students which focused on various aspects of food safety. The places of field visit included Mushrif Mall as well as Baniyas Research Station where students were guided to closely watch the process for food production, processing, storage and supply according to food safety rules and regulations.

A consultative meeting for representatives of agricultural facilities which dealt with food product tracking, was also organized last month.

Two awareness campaigns targeting fish markets were held during the report period by which the officials educated the facility owners and staff about the importance of 'self-control' and about the importance of Sheri- Safi ban in protecting the marine wealth of the country.  

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  • Last Updated On: Apr 04, 2016