ADFCA orders closure of restaurant in Musaffah Industrial Area
6/1/2016 11:00 PM

Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority has ordered closure of a restaurant in Musaffah Industrial area for failing to fulfill health requirements and causing risk on the public health in the area.

The restaurant with the trade name 'Abu Ashraf' and which is having license number CN- 10 23887 will have to correct the violations for being allowed to resume the business.

In this regard, Ali Yousef Al Saad, Acting Director of Communication & Community Service Division of Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority commented: "The closure comes after we noticed that facility has failed to correct the unhealthy situations there and to remove the reasons that caused littering. During the visits done before, our inspectors had handed over the management notices and then warnings to remove the waste. As the primary procedures were failed to correct the bad practice we moved to issue violation and closure"

The facility will remain closed as long as the reasons continue and the business will be able to resume only once they finish the rectification of the practices that caused violations, he said.

According to him, commonly seen violations in the food facilities are: poor storage practices, non-availability of food labels on products, unhygienic equipment, bad kitchen floorings and roof, poor maintenance of refrigerator, food kept open, use of unfit equipment for preparation, non-completion of staff training, non-wearing safety wears, non-provision of separate wash areas for staff in addition to poor ventilation an lighting in the kitchen.

He said, ADFCA is trying its best to reach out to each and every restaurant in the emirate in order to inspect the health situations there and to impart timely awareness to the staff being part of its efforts to guarantee safe food to all.

He also urged public to notify authorities by calling at 800555 if they doubt about safety of the content of any product or experience any kind of unhealthy practices at the food facilities in the emirate of Abu Dhabi.

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  • Last Updated On: Jun 02, 2016