ADFCA organizes food safety awareness lectures in Western Region
7/31/2016 11:00 PM

Being part of the 7th Summer Forum organized by Family Development Foundation, Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority has conducted three lecture programs aimed to raise food safety awareness in Western Region.

The programs which were held in Ghayathi, Al Marfaa and Madinat Zayed areas and led by the Strategy & Performance Sector of ADFCA handled many topics related to every day food handling.

While the lecture program in Ghayathi addressed children in the age group of 6 to 12 the Al Mirfaa program targeted women. Public, irrespective of age and gender participated in the program organized in Madinat Zayed.

It is noted that ADFCA, being the food safety watchdog of the Abu Dhabi emirate, has been keen on participating in the local events and festivals in order to reach out to various sections of the society in its mission to raise food safety awareness and to build a sustainable food and agriculture sector.

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  • Last Updated On: Aug 18, 2016