ADFCA inspects food shops inside hospitals and educational institutions
7/26/2016 11:00 PM

Control Sector at Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority has carried out a campaign to inspect food facilities that operate inside hospitals and educational institutions in Al Ain and adjacent areas, recently.

The inspections which were part of ADFCA's efforts to raise the food safety levels in the emirate targeted 17 food establishments including 4 restaurants, 12 snack bars and one confectionary shop.

Out of these establishments, 11 were found to be abiding all the regulations and conforming to the criteria and specifications laid by ADFCA. Five shops were given warnings for not abiding the rules while the inspectors produced notice for one shop for not being up to the mark.

It is learnt that during the campaign, the officers concentrated their inspection on the places of preparation, storage and food handling places inside the facilities. Also the health and safety measures taken by the management during the peak time was underwent the scrutiny of ADFCA officers.

It is noted that ADFCA utilizes the inspection campaigns as the best opportunity to educate the management and staff of the food facilities about the food safety regulations, requirements and specifications apart from taking actions on violations. Focusing on the awareness side, the authority follows a plan to reach out to each end every food facilities, considering its type and size, operating inside the boundary of Abu Dhabi emirate and it has been proved to be instrumental in maintaining the high food safety level prevailing in the emirate.

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  • Last Updated On: Aug 02, 2016