ADFCA accomplishes 704,000 transactions in 2017
2/19/2018 11:00 PM

The Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) has accomplished 704,504 e-transactions through its smart app, website and customer service centers across the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in 2017. Some 310,273 transactions, representing 44% of its total transactions, were accomplished through its e-service system.


In this regard, Eng. Thamer Rashed Al Qasemi, ADFCA's Official Spokesperson, said that services related to livestock and agricultural sector accounted for 97.6% of the total services provided to customers. Meanwhile, food services and various institutional applications, such as requests for registering in the smart application and companies' registration, have occupied the rest proportions.


Al Qasemi stressed that ADFCA has made a notable leap towards the digital transformation. Its e-services system witnessed an increase in the registered individuals in 2017, reaching more than 15,000 new registrants and 2,300 new registered companies. This reflects the development of the services provided by ADFCA to the society and the increased demand for them.


"About 9932 of the customer requests were received through the Abu Dhabi Government Contact Center (ADGCC), including reports related to food and agricultural, information requests, messages hailing the authority's efforts, service requests, suggestions, and complaints," Al Qasemi said. He divided the requests received by ADFCA in 2017 into 2566 report, 2564 information request, 2869 service request,1672 complaints, and 191 suggestions. He noted that 90.5% of those requests were received by ADGCC via phone, while the other requests were received via the center's e-conversations, Abu Dhabi CityGuard service, and others contact channels provided by the center.


Al Qasemi pointed out that reports about food violations have occupied the largest proportion of the received requests by over 96%, followed by reports about livestock and agriculture. He stressed the authority dealt with those reports in a record time (10.6 working hours), while the accuracy of response reached over 92%, adding that the authority has communicated with the senders of those reports to brief them with actions taken regarding their complaints.


He praised the outstanding performance of ADGCC's staff and their skills while receiving the complaints and suggestions from the public about food and agriculture facilities in the emirate. Al Qasemi stated that these efforts enabled the authority to benefit from the center's features and staff in receiving the complaints and suggestions from the public with high level of professionalism. He added that the center's features contribute to improving the level of food safety and help to solve the public's complaints in a record time according to the quality standards followed by ADFCA.


In addition, Al Qasemi affirmed that the authority's keenness to develop its e-service system to meet the increased demand for services provided by ADFCA. It also seeks to reap high levels of customers' satisfaction by improving its developmental plans after analyzing their requests and suggestions to define their needs.


ADFCA is keen to adopt developmental plans contribute to improving communication with customers and provide high-quality services that meet the government's aspirations aim at reaping customers' happiness and improving the quality of services provided to them.


In addition, the authority seeks to realize sustainable agriculture and food sector, provide safe food to the public, protect animal and plant health, as well as promoting best agricultural and food practices through applying effective policies, regulations, quality standards, and researches, as well as carrying out effective and comprehensive awareness programs.


Al Qasemi further urged the general public to get in touch with the authority via its social media accounts, email, and the toll free number 800555 to report any information or complaints regarding food safety and agricultural.

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  • Last Updated On: Sep 16, 2018