ADFCA starts training programs for school canteen supervisors
10/29/2014 12:00 AM

​Abu Dhabi food Control Authority (ADFCA) has started today the first section of training program series it  planned for 549 school female canteen supervisors, in collaboration with Emirates Transport.

The training program comes as a component to the Healthy & Safe Meal project, which is targeting school children in the Emirate and is carried out in coordination with various entities such as Khalifa Foundation, Abu Dhabi Education Council and  Emirates Transport.

While commenting on the programs, Mr. Ali Yusuf Ali Al Saad, Acting Director of Communication & Community Services Division at ADFCA said the new move is to train supervisors on how to successfully supervise school canteen operation according to the health and food safety rules & regulations set by ADFCA.

He explained that ADFCA had directed all canteen managements to appoint a special person who will be in-charge of  performing various duties that concerned with maintaining health and food safety practices  at the canteens.

“Supervisors will be assigned with all kind of communications with officials at ADFCA as well as be the responsible persons for ensuring hygienic atmosphere in the canteens. They will take care of implementation of rules and regulations set by ADFCA in addition to keeping documents such as health certificates, facility follow up register and supply permits” Mr. Ali said.

According to him, during the one-day intensive training,  experts at ADFCA led workshops  to impart them all kind of information required to perform health and food safety procedures as well as qualified them for handling food in scientific way.

‘After the sessions, there was a written test based which supervisors  were given a work permit to start directly the job as ‘school canteen supervisors’, he added.

He pointed that there has been collaboration between ADFCA and Abu Dhabi Education Council and Health Authority Abu Dhabi, since 2012,  with regards to initiatives designed to ensure that safe and healthy meals are given to students in the emirate.

“Guidelines issued for school canteens in 2012 was an ideal step in this regard. It categorically explained what and how should be an ideal healthy meal for students as well as stipulated other health and food safety requirements for canteens giving a thrust to maintaining  hygienic and healthy practices for staff working there” he further added.

It is noted that ADFCA considers school canteens as a ‘food establishment’ where preparation, sale and handling of food items are carried out. As per this concept all canteens have to follow ADFCA rules and regulations and have to undergo inspections carried out by its officials.

While canteens have to follow basic rules and regulations set by ADFCA for any other food establishment, safety requirements may vary according to the activity and its volume of the canteens.

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  • Last Updated On: Dec 23, 2014