ADFCA confirms Mandarins are safe to use and void of any harmful worms
11/18/2014 12:00 AM

​Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority has confirmed that Mandarin fruits available in Abu Dhabi markets are safe to use and contain no worms which are adversely affecting human health.

The clarification from the food control authority of Abu Dhabi comes following queries from consumers about the content of a video clip recently spread through social media platforms, claiming that harmful white worms found in mandarin fruits.

“The content of the video clip is void of any scientific base as the known fact is, no insect that find food and grow inside the fruits can take nutrition from other circumstances, given its peculiar digestive system. What is shown in the clip is nothing other than a kind of fruit-fly larvae which is found normally in Mangoes, and Guavas”, said Mohammed Jalal Al Rayssi, Director of Communication& Community Service Division at ADFCA said in a press statement.

He said mandarin is the most easily larvae-affected fruit among the orange family due to the softness of its pod.

‘Video mistook the larvae to some unknown white worms and shows the insects enter from fruits to human body, eat internal organs and kills the human being, which is baseless according to the scientific facts, he said.

Mr. Rayssi asserted ADFCA's commitment in following and carrying out close studies on any food safety issues, being raised or spread among the society and that it is constantly communicating with customers -as part of its efforts to ensure safety of food products in the emirate- through a number of channels including Abu Dhabi Government Contact Center.

He urged public to support ADFCA's efforts by reporting the authorities when anything found harming the food safety in the emirate, calling at the Toll Free Number of Abu Dhabi Government Contact Center, 8005555.

He said consumers can also log on to the special page in the official website of ADFCA, concerned with rumors spread on food related issues, to get correct information.

Frequent appearance in media apart from actively networking on social media platforms are the other means ADFCA systematically use to communicate with customers in order to ensure high food safety levels in the emirate, he added.

Mr. Rayssi advised farmers to plough well the soil beneath the trees in order to expose larvae and other insects to the external environment, which leads to the natural way of eradication. He also urged them to be keen on keeping the fallen-down insect-affected fruits in separate covers in order to control and safely dispose it off.

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  • Last Updated On: Dec 23, 2014