ADFCA Confirms Treated Sewage Water Suitable for Irrigation
7/1/2014 12:00 AM

Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) stressed that the treated sewage water used in farms were suitable for irrigation according to local and international regulations.

ADFCA also pointed out that the treated water reaching the farms were suitable for all types of crops and the produce from farms irrigated using treated sewage water were fit for human consumption.

The treated water used in irrigation is the fourth degree water, which results from a highly advanced treatment technique. All the harmful properties of sewage water are removed in this process and the water is sterilized to the maximum extent possible.

ADFCA clarified that the Authority had been monitoring the use of treated water from the beginning of last year. The water samples and the produce are subjected to regular analysis to continuously confirm their suitability. The tests so far confirmed the water and the plants were free from any harmful properties. Moreover, they also confirmed the nutritional properties of the produce were actually better than earlier.

Similar experiments have been conducted in a number of other countries also to remarkable degree of success.

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  • Last Updated On: Dec 23, 2014