ADAFSA holds meeting to raise farmers’ awareness in Al Wagan Majlis
12/29/2019 11:00 PM

In coordination with the Majalis Affairs Office at the Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Court, the Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority (ADAFSA) has held a meeting with farm owners and livestock breeders at Al Wagan Majlis in Al Ain. The meeting came within ADAFSA's efforts to enhance the food security system and achieve agricultural sustainability in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi by carrying out effective programs to develop the agricultural sector, including both plant and animal sub-sectors.

Attended by Mr. Mubarak Al Mansouri, Executive Director of Agricultural Affairs Sector, the meeting featured ADAFSA's services and programs to farm owners and livestock breeders.  It also highlighted the importance of animal farming, especially for sheep and goats, by learning how to make a profitable herd and the best ways to prevent animal diseases.

In this regard, Al Mansouri said the meeting reflects the attention paid by ADAFSA to farmers and animal breeders for their important role in providing plant and animal products to the public, thus enhancing food security in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the UAE.

He stressed the need to improve agricultural production by developing programs and initiatives to rationalize the use of irrigation water at the emirate level, enabling all farm owners and livestock breeders to apply the sound agricultural practices and use modern farming techniques, ensuring the quality and safety of plant and animal products, and preserving the emirate's natural resources for future generations.

Furthermore, the meeting addressed means to rationalize the use of water in agriculture by improving irrigation efficiency and adopting appropriate farming techniques. Moreover, the attendees were introduced to ways for storing animal feed to avoid its spoilage. They were educated about the proper nutrition for animals and its impact on promoting animals' health and improving their production, which contributes to improving breeder's income and the national economy in general.

The meeting concluded with a Q&A session on ADAFSA's programs and services offered to farm owners and animal breeders. They discussed how to develop these services to fulfill their needs.

As part of ADAFSA's events and activities, the meeting aimed at developing the agricultural sector in the emirate and raising awareness of farm owners about the proper agricultural practices.

These meetings reflect ADAFSA's interest in the public and its keenness on developing Abu Dhabi's agriculture sector, as a key pillar for supporting the sustainable national economy, by diversifying income sources, increasing level of local food self-sufficiency, and utilizing local natural resources on scientific and economic basis capable of supporting competitiveness and sustainability indicators.

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