Leading women employees of Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority
8/26/2017 11:00 PM

Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) has about 400 female staff members. More than 96% of the women employees are Emirati women, and about 27 of them are holding higher academic degrees. The Authority appreciates the role played by the Emirati women in leadership positions and their ability to contribute to attain achievements meet the wise leadership's aspirations.


Today, ADFCA celebrates the achievements achieved by the UAE women in the authority. The full presence of the female employees working in leading positions is a source of pride and appreciation. This indicates the high status the high status attained by the Emirati woman under the endless support of the wise leadership. The Women's empowerment march in the UAE is a unique model for developing, promoting and investing in enabling human.

Mozah Suhail Mohamed Al Muhairi


H.E. Mozah Al Muhairi is the Executive Director of Policy and Regulation Sector of ADFCA. She holds a MA in the environmental sciences with honors at the United Arab Emirates University. She heads the committee for preparing food and agricultural legislation in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Besides, she is a member of 12 of scientific committees and local and international associations. Al Muhairi received four international and local awards, including H.H Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak Award for Scientific Excellence (2002), the Abu Dhabi Award for Excellence in Government Performance (2007). She also achieved eight important scientific achievements, including the isolation of new species of yeasts which was registered in the National Collection of Yeast Culture in the United Kingdom.


"Emirati Women's Day is an exceptional initiative of the pioneering initiatives launched by H.H Shaikha Fatima bint Mubarak, Mother of the UAE, who has always been keen to take care of women's interests and encourage them to assume the highest positions. We are proud of her highness as a role model of the Emirati women. We also are proud of her leading role in supporting and sponsoring the meaningful initiatives for women in all areas, such as education and health, as well as her support to community development, volunteerism and promoting creativity and innovation in various fields," H.E Al Muhairi said.


"Women in the UAE have given great attention by the wise leadership, which provided them with all the necessary means to be included in all levels of education and hold important positions in the state. Emirati women have demonstrated their ability to stand side by side with men in serving their nation and to be a symbol of giving and devotion to the homeland. We promise the Mother of the UAE to leave a real difference in our society to be proud of," Al Muhairi stated.

Dr. Mariam Hareb Al Suwaidi


Dr. Mariam Hareb Al Suwaidi is the Executive Director of the Control Sector at ADFCA. She got a PhD in Medical Plant Chemistry, College of Pharmacy, University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom. She further recieved 34 certificate of appreciation and award. She participated in several training courses and external and internal visits. Al Suwaidi published 16 papers in the global scientific fields. In addition, she submitted 14 scientific papers at international and local conferences covered food-related topics. Moreover, she participated in 44 international, regional and local conferences, workshops and seminars, which addressed different scientific areas that contributed to developing the environment locally and regionally.


On the UAE Women's Day, she extended her sincere thanks and appreciation to H.H Shaikha Fatima bint Mubarak, Mother of the UAE, for her generous care and support for women in the UAE. Al Suwaidi stressed the comprehensive renaissance of the UAE is the result of the great efforts and attention of the wise leadership in human development. She pointed the Emirati women have proved their ability to succeed in the work alongside the man, stressing the role of women and men is integrally related in all sectors of the work.


"I am honored to extend a message of love, pride and appreciation to the Mother of the UAE, HH Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, President of the General Women's Union, President of the Higher Family Development Foundation and Chairperson of the Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood. The celebrations came in line with her directives to mark the 28th of August each year as the Emirati Women's Day, to recognise the contribution of the nation's women in developing and advancing the country. Women's Day reflects the role of the state's leadership in providing the appropriate atmosphere for empowering and advancing all citizens. I wish all women in the UAE further progress and prosperity," H.E. Dr. Mariam Al Suwaidi added.

Aisha Ali Al Shamsi


Aisha Al Shamsi holds a MA in the environmental sciences with honors. She is the Director of Statistics and Analysis Division at ADFCA. She is a member in 18 internal and external committees across the emirate. She heads nine of these committees. Al Shamsi is among the top 10 managers in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in the list of the Abu Dhabi Award for Excellence in Government Performance of 2015. She received seven important awards including the Rashid Award for Scientific Excellence.


"Emirates Women's Day is the day of confidence, success and determination. On this occasion, I can not formulate the appropriate words to express our love to the UAE Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak and her place in the hearts of every woman living on this land," she said.



"She honored and encouraged me when I received second class honors in the day of my graduation. This feeling of gratitude continued with me in my professional and personal life," Al Shamsi stated.

Dr. Rola Shaban Ibrahim Hassan


Rola Shaaban Hassan is the first UAE veterinarian to hold an Executive Master Degree in Health Care Management from Zayed University in Abu Dhabi. She is the head of the Veterinary Facilities Control Unit at ADFCA. She attained 10 major achievements, including the first and second parts of "Save the Animals in Disasters" program. Dr. Rola Hassan also has a good record of volunteerism and participation in social responsibility programs.


Dr. Rola Hassan asserts that Emirati women have moved beyond the stage of active participation to the stage of leadership in the works, due to their innovative and creative visions to open new horizons for further progress. She added that the achievements of the UAE women seem unique in its speed, perfection and depth, not only in comparison with local experiences, but also on the global level as well.


She stressed the Mother of the Nation is standing behind every success achieved by the Emirati women. Dr. Rola Hassan added HH Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak has supported and encouraged the UAE women's role, as well as promoting women's role to be partners in giving, which is the theme launched by the Mother of the UAE for this year's Emirati Women's Day.


"I can't thank her highness enough for her support for the Emirati women, what made the Emirati women enjoyed a distinguished position among their counterparts in global countries," Dr. Rola Hassan stated.


Salama Suhail Al Muhairi


Salama Al-Muhairi got her PhD in Genetics and Molecular Biology from Sussex University in Britain. She is Director of ADFCA Veterinary Laboratories Division, in which she worked developing several systems in the management of veterinary laboratories that resulted in giving six accredited international certificates to her division. Al Muhairi has achieved great achievements, as she played an important role in developing the strategy of the livestock and control sectors in the authority, as well as connecting the goals and activities of her division with the strategy of ADFCA. She chaired the committee for preparing plans for emergency response to the radiation leakage in the external perimeter of Baraka station.



"The Emirati Women's Day is a pride for the Emirati woman, who has enjoyed a distinguished position among their counterparts in global countries. This position achieved thanks to the support, constant encouragement and generous care of HH Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, as well as her belief that the country's renaissance and civilization are built by men and women alike," Dr. Salama Al Muhairi said.


"The woman is half of the society, the mentor of generations and a partner in the march of giving. The mother of the UAE has opened new horizons to the Emirati women, provided her with all the possibilities and powers, as well as overcoming all difficulties that may stand in the way of women's development and advancement," she clarified.


She added that women in the UAE are proud and appreciate all efforts exerted by the Mother of the UAE, in taking the status of Emirati women to newer heights through a number of initiatives and programs which still remain a source of encouragement for the Emirati women. Al Muhairi confirmed that Her Highness' generous efforts and initiatives have affected the march of women's work and the advancement of UAE women in all fields, locally and internationally, as women have attained several achievements to become a key partner in the country's development.

Kholoud Nasser Al Kayoumi


Kholoud Nasser Al Kayoumi is a researcher in ADFCA, holds a bachelor's degree in horticulture. Her love to agriculture pushed her to study this specialization. Thanks to the great support given by the wise leadership to women, she managed to overcome obstacles she faced during the university study. She was able to prove that the Emirati woman is able to specialize in all areas of science, including agriculture.


She joined the authority in 2013, to work in the field of plant protection. She worked together with her brothers in the authority to protect plants from agricultural pests, as well as maintaing their sustainability, through examining plants and making sure there are no pests that may lead to the loss of the crop. The work environment provided by ADFCA has helped Kholoud to acquire more skills and expertise through external training courses, seminars and exhibitions related to agriculture.


Kholoud's professional record is full of achievements and activities through her participation in preparing and submitting of many scientific papers on the development and sustainability of the agricultural sector, as well as being a volunteer in the UAE Red Crescent. Al Kayoumi stressed that her success and excellence in her laboratory and scientific life was thanks to God Almighty and the directives of the UAE wise leadership, which played a great role in empowering the Emirati women and keeping them in the senior positions in all fields, due to their belief in the role of women in building and advancing the country.


She stressed that the wise leadership encouraged women to complete their education and provided them with all job opportunities, which led Emirati women to work alongside her brother to keep the UAE in the top positions.


"On the occasion of UAE Women's Day, I am pleasure to extend our thanks and gratitude to the Mother of the UAE for giving us the opportunity to highlight the role of women in all fields. This is an indication of her continuous care and support for women in the UAE, to empower them in the development march," Kholoud Al Kayoumi stated.



Al-Anoud Abdullah Al Rashedi


Al-Anoud Al Rashedi chose to specialize in horticulture to follow the footsteps of the late Sheikh Zayed because of his interest in and love for agriculture. She added that some experts challenged Sheikh Zayed, may God have mercy upon him, to revive the desert, but he succeeded to turn the desert into green land, encouraging her to study this specialization. She was selected on 3 February 2013 as an intern researcher in nurseries unit in department of Research Stations in ADFCA, after presenting a distinguished report on the nurseries unit at the Al Kuwaitat research station in Al Ain during its training period.


" During the journey of my studies, I have faced  many difficulties that became a motivation and a challenge to continue trying and not to give up. Today, I am proud of my work in the light of the great support of our wise leadership, who are our role model in excellence, work, achievement, creativity and innovation," she said. She recalled the statement of H.H Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, in which he said:" Do not do your job as an employee, but rather act as a leader who loves his country, as a manufacturer adores his craft, and as an artist who creates his art," which considers a catalyst to achieve more achievements.


Al-Anoud is a member in several committees and teams of the authority, including the technical assessment committee in the annual budget of nurseries requirements, seedling pricing committee, the automatic numbering team for seedlings, in addition to her membership in the Happiness and Positivity Association in the UAE. She also headed the volunteer team of the Protected Open House's project, as well as working as director of ADFCA's nursery and coordinator of key performance indicators.


On the UAE Women's Day, Al-Anoud thanked Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, the Mother of the UAE, for her constant support and encouragement to women, especially Emirati women. "It is a pride for us to be the mother of the nation and our role model," she said.


Noura Saeed Al Nuaimi


Noura Al Nuaimi, the researcher at ADFCA, is about to obtain a MA in horticulture. For her, the agriculture field is her childhood passion. "When I was a school student, I chose over 10 specialties to study, including medicine, engineering and science, the latest of which was agriculture. In fact, I like many sciences, art and design. So, I studied orchards specialization at the Faculty of Food and Agriculture, to master designing of gardens so that I combine design and agriculture. I found the way to acquire and master these skills in my specialization. I became the engineer, the designer, the scientist, the researcher, the inventor and the doctor of plant," she explained reasons for choosing her specialization.


Al Nuaimi joined the authority in December 2015, as a researcher in fertilizing at ADFCA's research stations, in which she is working on preparing research's on fertilization and plant nutrition whether in soil or in soilless agriculture. She enjoys her work and considers it a great opportunity to learn more skills in research stations, particular with the help of her colleagues from different agricultural disciplines. She added this disciplines' diversity motivates the employee to be creative and innovative.


In addition, Noura Al Nuaimi is currently working in the innovation workshop and seeks to develop it. She believes that research and innovation are key factors of the success, progress and sustainability of the institutions. She further stressed the trust of the wise leadership in youth, especially the Emirati women, is the most supportive and motivating factor for any success.


"The Mother of the UAE has taught us that there is no difference between the abilities of women and men, and that women deserve to be half of the society and to occupy the prestigious positions. On the UAE Women's Day, I would like to thank my mother Sheikha Fatima. She is an example and role model for us, and we will be up to her expectations," Noura Al Nuaimi concluded.

Eng. Sabah Hamad Al Shamsi


Eng. Sabah Al Shamsi is a researcher in biological control in plant protection's field at the research stations of ADFCA. She holds a BA in agricultural engineering. Due to the keenness of the late Sheikh Zayed on agricultural, Sabah selected such specialization, which enables students to apply what is studied on reality. She studied the suitable plant categories for the nature of the climate in the region.


Sabah worked in the field of policies and the implementation of food and agricultural legislation at ADFCA, what helped her to enhance knowledge and skill needed to complete her career in agricultural research and plant protection. She participated in many training courses inside and outside the country, and got certificates of participation in the most prominent agricultural exhibitions, forums, lectures and seminars.


"Thanks to the guidance of the wise leadership, we are now able to excel and innovate, because our leaders have instilled in us the love of progress and achievement," Al Shamsi said. She also hailed the role of HH Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, in encouraging and empowering the Emirati women.

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