Agricultural Oasis features activities for sustainable agricultural sector at SZHF in Al Wathba
12/21/2019 11:00 PM
Nahyan, UAE Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Presidential Affairs and Chairman of ADAFSA.

ADAFSA asserted its pride in participating in SZHF since its launch in 2014. Under the direct guidance of HH Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed, ADAFSA is telling the story of agriculture and its progress in Abu Dhabi over the past years in a way reflects the development being witnessed by the agricultural sector thanks to vision of the UAE's wise leadership.

In addition to highlighting features of local products, ADAFSA noted that farmers' market is an important platform to support farm owners in Abu Dhabi, by selling their products to the public and the festival's visitors. Products showcased in the farmers' market are fresh and of high quality as they are cultivated according to the best standards. Farmers bring their produce to be sold directly to consumers.
For their side, the participating farmers expressed their appreciation for ADAFSA's role in supporting local production and the emirate's farmers. They praised the initiative of establishing a market for farmers at the festival, which enabled them to reach out the public directly, stressing they earn good returns from the direct selling at the festival.
In this regard, Mr. Khaled Al Mazrouei, a farm owner, said that farmers' market showcases various types of local honey such as Sidr, Samar, Ghaf and other varieties produced by Abu Dhabi's farms. He noted the Emirati honey is of high quality like the imported one, stressing honey production industry is evolving in the Emirate Abu Dhabi Emirate.
Al Mazrouei expressed his pleasure for participating in SZHF. He added the festival enabled him to contact directly with consumers who tasted the local honey to check its high quality.

"We would like to thank ADAFSA for giving us the opportunity to participate in the exhibitions and festivals, and for helping us market our products through various local marketing channels, which encourages us to keep going, whether in agriculture or beekeeping industry," he said.
For his side, Mr. Kamal Al Jabri, another farm owner, said: "The farmers' market features distinguished and high quality products. These products are cultivated in a way ensures its compliance with the best global standards."

He asserted that farm owners participating in the market are keen to offer fresh products from farm to the market directly and on a daily basis, adding that highlighting the quality of local production is the most important thing in promoting local products. Al Jabri further said the festival is a great opportunity to promote local products and increase consumer confidence in products produced by Abu Dhabi's farms.
Mohammed Saeed Al Jabri, a farm owner, expressed his pride for participating in the farmers' market at SZHF since its first edition. He noted the festival is promoting the local product by highlighting the successes of Abu Dhabi's farms under the support of the Emirate Government, which provides all means of support for farm owners to help them plant, produce and market high quality vegetables and fruits, thus achieving agricultural sustainability and food security.

Al Jabri praised ADAFSA's support to farmers. This includes enabling them to participate in farmers' markets, offering marketing channels for the local product, providing the technical support services to farm owners and workers throughout the farming season, and regular visits to farms organizing regular visits to farms, training programs, and awareness-raising activities about crop care, pest control and other necessary farming activities.

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