OIE designates ADAFSA’s laboratory as collaborating center in Quality Management Systems
7/18/2020 11:00 PM

The World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) has designated the veterinary laboratories of Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority (ADAFSA) as an OIE collaborating center in quality management systems (QMSs).

The decision comes in acknowledgment of the scientific and technical standing of ADAFSA's labs at the national and international levels and due to their role in strengthening the Biosecurity system and responding to epidemic diseases.

"ADAFSA has succeeded in complying with the criteria for designating the OIE collaborating center in quality management systems. We have passed all stages needed for the designation successfully, including the assessment conducted by the OIE's Biological Standards Commission, the voting of Middle East region countries, and the voting of the OIE 182 Member Countries on 16 June 2020." Dr. Salama Al Muhairi, Director of ADAFSA's Veterinary Laboratories Division, said:
Al Muhairi affirmed that designating ADAFSA's labs as an OIE collaborating lab is a global recognition as a center of expertise and a first-of-its-kind consultancy center in QMSs in the world. She added that ADAFSA's labs will cooperate with the OIE to boost international cooperation in building high-quality diagnostic capabilities in veterinary labs of region countries, develop methods and procedures to ensure applying quality management's international standards and guidelines, facilitate cooperation between the center and the scientific entities in conducting research and studies, analyze and publish data related to QMSs in veterinary labs, organize scientific workshops and seminars, provide technical training, and share practical experiences.

This contributes to standardizing efforts to control epidemic and endemic animal diseases, enhance Biosecurity in the region, and promotes Abu Dhabi's leading position regionally and globally, Al Muhairi said.

She noted that ADAFSA's Veterinary Laboratories Division managed to obtain several accreditations and certifications from local and international entities for its activities and services in diagnosing epidemic and zoonotic diseases. Al Muhairi indicated that ADAFSA is also paying great attention to sharing experiences and knowledge by organizing and participating in international scientific activities and events, such as seminars and conferences.

In 2019, ADAFSA organized the first International Symposium on Quality Management in Veterinary Laboratories, providing a valuable opportunity to exchange and enrich experiences and skills of relevancy to quality assurance and business continuity in veterinary labs and manage business continuity in them, especially in emergencies. Moreover, the symposium brought together representatives of local, regional and national laboratories, the OIE's experts and several specialists in the livestock sector. The participating countries stressed the importance of having a global reference lab in quality management, to be a center of expertise concerned with disseminating knowledge and qualifying other labs in this field.
Al Muhairi further pointed out that ADAFSA's labs are a member of a number of the OIE groups concerned with reviewing and developing guidelines and standards, including groups for sustainable laboratories and application of quality and Biosecurity systems in veterinary labs, and those for animal diseases, like Middle East Respiratory Syndrome.

The OIE has commended the role of ADAFSA's veterinary laboratory in supporting the public health sector in combating COVID-19 with high efficiency and professionalism. In this context, the organization has published ADAFSA's experience as one of the success stories to benefit other countries. It also utilized the experiences of ADAFSA's labs in preparing an international guide for veterinary laboratory to diagnose COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, Dr. Salama Al Muhairi has contributed to developing and translating the guide into Arabic, to be a reference for veterinary labs in diagnosing and controlling COVID-19 pandemic.

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  • Last Updated On: Jul 19, 2020