ADFCA carries out 3rd inspection campaign at night in Abu Dhabi
9/17/2017 11:00 PM

The Control Sector at Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) has carried out a comprehensive inspection campaign, during the night, on various food and animal facilities in Abu Dhabi. The campaign comes as part of ADFCA's efforts to ensure the food provided to consumers is safe and healthy. This is through intensifying its control of food outlets, especially during official holidays in view of the large turnout of consumers at that days.

The campaign targeted 120 food establishments, including 20 retail stores, restaurants, fish shops, fruit and vegetables shops. The authority's inspectors issued two fines and 17 final warnings to the owners of these shops for not adhering to the food safety rules in force in the emirate.

Only seven warnings were issued during the wide-ranging campaign which also included 83 fish outlets, 17 butcher shops. The inspectors destroyed 42 kg of unsafe fish during the campaign.

This is the third inspection campaign this year, which is part of a series of campaigns on all food, animal and agricultural establishments carried out by ADFCA's inspectors to educate consumers and owners of food outlets. Moreover, ADFCA launches that type of surprise inspections at certain intervals on groceries, restaurants and other food outlets in the emirate of Abu Dhabi to ensure that they are meeting all safety requirements.

The campaign also came as part of ADFCA's vision aims to ensure safe access of food to all consumers, through a number of preventive measures taken by the authority in this regard. These measures include conducting field visits by ADFCA's inspectors, monitoring of violations in some establishments, and providing awareness and guidance leaflets to consumers and owners of food outlets to introduce them to best ways of dealing with food and agricultural activities in general.

The campaign's importance lies in view of the large turnout of consumers at that days due to the beginning of the new academic year, which requires doubling efforts to verify food safety across the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

ADFCA urges public to notify the authority if any incidents come across, which may lead to health and safety risks, by calling Abu Dhabi Government Contact Center at 800555. ADFCA will deal directly with any complaint and will take the necessary action against any party that violates the authority's food safety rules.


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