ADFCA organises event entitled "Zayed's vision" in Abu Dhabi
3/18/2018 11:00 PM


The Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) has recently organized a cultural event entitled "Zayed's vision", at its main headquarter in Abu Dhabi. As part of its initiatives and activities being held during the Year of Zayed, the event was attended by His Excellency Saeed Al Ameri, Director General of ADFCA, H.E Sheikh Mohammed bin Rakad Al Ameri, Member of the National Consultative Council of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, and a number of the authority's leaders and employees. The event aimed to recall the noble biography of the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan (may God have mercy upon him), as well as reviewing the most important events in his life and his significant achievements that contributed to the development and renaissance of the UAE.


Mr. Mohammed Saeed Al Nuaimi, Executive Director of Corporate Services, delivered a speech, in which he said that the year of Zayed is an occasion where Emiratis and residents across the country commemorate immortal memory of an exceptional person who lived in their hearts.


"The late Sheikh Zayed promoted citizens to love their homeland. He is the source of generosity and its origin, and he is the one who has instilled a love of giving and generosity in the hearts of his people. So, good became a unique feature of any UAE citizen," Al Nuaimi stated.

He added: "Thanks to Sheikh Zayed's efforts, the UAE has become a source of inspiration and pride for the international community and a role model for renaissance, leadership and prosperity. In addition, the country became a place of creativity and excellence, and an example of tolerance, human coexistence, security and safety.


Al Nuaimi further said: "Fifty years ago, this place where we're standing was unfruitful and dry place. All aspects of development and renaissance have been absent from it. Here, parents and grandparents lived a cruel era experienced shortages in resources and potentials. At that time, it was a fantasy to dream of the reality we are living now. However, Zayed came to teach us an important lesson that ambitious dreams will come true if they accompanied by solid and sincere will.


"Then, the late Sheikh Zayed began to enhance the nation's foundations and united its pillars to be a strong fortress and a distinct country among the world's nations. He sought to support the nation's development, putting the citizen's interest and his future as his top priority. Therefore, he managed, in his wisdom, to develop this country to be among the most prestigious and civilized countries. The high status achieved by the UAE regionally and globally is a best proof of the extent of achievement made by the founding father," Al Nuaimi concluded.

The event witnessed an interactive session, during which H.E Sheikh Mohammed bin Rakad Al Ameri, Mr. Abdullah Khalfan Al Shamsi who was serving coffee to Sheikh Zayed, Mr. Hamad Belkila Al Ameri, one of Sheikh Zayed's contemporary before the union, Mr. Saleh bin Habib Al Ameri, who was Sheikh Zayed's bodyguard, have reviewed values and characteristics of the late Sheikh Zayed. They also highlighted his passion for building the country and developing standard of living, as well as his great role in achieving sustainable development in all areas of life.
Furthermore, the event also comprised cultural and artistic activities, including a short awareness film prepared by Tmouh (Ambitious) voluntary team and a number of Dar Zayed for Family Care's employees. Moreover, Emirati artists, included Hamad Al Shamsi, Huda Al Riyami, and Reem Al Zaabi, and Saudi artist Asmaa Ibrahim Al Shatwi, have presented their creative art paintings while playing mood music by saxophone player, Mohamed Morshed.

At the end of the event, H.E Saeed Al Ameri honored guests and participants. He gave them certificates of thanks, hailing their presence and participation in the event. Al Ameri stressed the importance of drawing honorable lessons from the noble biography of the founding father (may God have mercy upon him), to make it a motive for all to contribute to the process of renaissance and comprehensive development experienced by the UAE.

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  • Last Updated On: Apr 16, 2018