ADAFSA warns of circulating food rumors
5/13/2020 11:00 PM

The Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority (ADAFSA) has warned the public of the negative impact of circulating food-related rumors on the society's safety and the national economy. To avoid this, ADAFSA urged them to contact the authority for verifying any information of relevancy to food safety, to minimize rumors' negative impacts on society.


Furthermore, ADAFSA urged the public not to be swayed by food rumors, especially that circulating on social media about highly-demanded products during the holy month of Ramadan. The authority clarified that such rumors involve great risks, which may lead to changes in consumer nutritional habits due to misunderstanding and making nutrition-related decisions based on false information, which negatively affects the handled food's safety.


Regarding reasons for spreading rumors, ADAFSA indicated traders use rumors to disseminate false information about their competitors' products, which contributes significantly to causing severe damage to manufacturing and supply facilities, thereby harming the national economy.


According to ADAFSA, some rumors intended to harm some products and brands for competitive reasons. In addition, some rumors are circulated among the public due to misleading information or by publishing old news as new information.


As part of its efforts to reduce the impact of food rumors, ADAFSA affirmed it carries out several programs aim at raising consumers' awareness of food-related issues. Through its programs, ADAFSA strives to respond to those rumors based on scientific basis, by analyzing their risks, as circulated information is studied and analyzed by the authority.


Throughout the year, ADAFSA continues its activities to raise the public awareness about rumors' risks and the need to avoid their circulation, urging consumers to ensure the accuracy of circulated food information by contacting it.


In addition to monitoring food-related rumors and addressing them proactively to reduce their impact, ADAFSA also provides various contact channels for consumers to inquire about food-safety information. ADAFSA has official accounts on social media, through which it receives hundreds of inquiries annually, including inquiries about food rumors.


ADAFSA urged the public to avoid circulating any anonymous information about food safety. Instead, consumers have to contact the authority directly on the Abu Dhabi Government Contact Center's toll-free number (800555), to report any food rumors. Then, ADAFSA will take the necessary action regarding the public communications.

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  • Last Updated On: May 17, 2020