ADFCA transforms its "Registration for Farmer's Income Improvement Program" into proactive service
3/14/2018 11:00 PM

The Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) has announced it managed to transform its "Registration for Farmer's Income Improvement Program" into a proactive service. The service is updated automatically based on five digital documents provided by Smart Solutions & Services Authority (ADSSSA) after developing smart systems for government services.


The move reflects ADFCA's keenness to apply the integrated system of government services to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its services, reap customers' satisfaction, and alleviate the burden on its customers in a manner that promotes the prestigious position of Abu Dhabi locally and internationally. It further highlights the significant progress made by the Government of Abu Dhabi in the area of services and e-governance.


In this regard, Thamer Rashed Al Qasemi, ADFCA's Official Spokesperson, said that Registration for Farmer's Income Improvement Program is one of the most important services provided by the authority to about 14,000 customers annually. In the past, customers were required to extract five documents from several government bodies and pay the fees to register for this service.


"As part of its efforts to improve and streamline the government's procedures, ADFCA worked on transforming this service into a proactive one, through which customers can extract the necessary documents automatically through the digital platform provided by ADSSSA, which will help to save the customers' efforts while extracting such documents," Al Qasemi added.


He noted the move aims to elevate the customers' satisfaction by saving their efforts and time, as government documents will be extracted electronically. Furthermore, the move has a positive impact on the authority's internal processes, as it will reduce the time and effort required to receive requests and review documents, which will help to improve ADFCA's performance.


Al Qasemi pointed out ADFCA has developed an internal platform to monitor the services provided by the integrated government system, re-engineer processes and procedures to suit the new move, design property certificate form through integrating the data provided by the platform, develop smart channels to use the integrated government system, and transform paper documents into digital ones.


He disclosed ADFCA's intention to launch more proactive services targeting the business sector. These services will be announced immediately after completing the necessary updates and linkage process to activate them in cooperation with the authority's partners.


Moreover, Al Qasemi stressed ADFCA gives the process of advancing services provided to its customers a top priority. He thanked the authority's partners who did not hesitate to provide ADFCA with the necessary support and expertise through exchanging the relevant databases.


ADFCA is keen to develop its smart and digital services constantly to meet the increasing demand for its services provided to all segments of society. In light of reading and analyzing requests and proposals it receives on a permanent basis, the authority also seeks to define its customers' needs to please them and reap their satisfaction through improving its development plans.

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  • Last Updated On: Sep 16, 2018