On the World Food Safety Day Alameri: Food safety is a strategic priority for society’s happiness
6/6/2020 11:00 PM

On the occasion of the World Food Safety Day 2020, held under the theme "Food safety, everyone's business", H.E. Saeed Albahri Salem Alameri, Director General of Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority (ADAFSA), said: "Food safety is a strategic priority in ADAFSA's plans and programs aiming at reaping consumers' happiness."


He added that ADAFSA also pays great attention to maintaining food safety in Abu Dhabi Emirate, by ensuring the implementation of the best food safety practices throughout food chain, embracing food-related effective control systems, and conducting integrated awareness-raising programs. These are based on the best international practices and risk analysis, as providing safe food contributes to the well-being and safety of society.


Alameri affirmed that COVID-19 crisis requires food safety authorities worldwide to do their best and conduct programs with aim of reducing the crisis impacts on food safety. He noted that ADAFSA has cooperated with WHO and FAO and International Food Safety Authorities Network, in assessing food risks since the start of COVID-19 crisis.


"In addition, ADAFSA has contributed to develop a guide in three languages to procedures and measures for safe handling of food during the COVID-19 Pandemic. It features the most important preventive measures to ensure hygiene of food handlers. Moreover, ADAFSA took several precautionary and regulatory measures, to maintain food safety while handling it in food and agricultural facilities in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi," he added.



In light of the current circumstances, Alameri pointed to ADAFSA's great efforts aims at ensuring the hygiene status of all food and agricultural facilities, verifying their compliance with the best food safety standards and practices in Abu Dhabi, checking food consignments, food and agricultural inputs passing through border crossings, and educating the public to the best food-related practices. He stressed that ADAFSA's inspection teams are working around the clock to ensure providing safe and healthy food for the public, as well as protecting consumers from foodborne and zoonotic diseases.


Alameri commended the exceptional efforts made by food safety workers to ensure providing consumers with safe and healthy food despite the significant challenges posed by COVID-19 crisis. Moreover, he praised their role in enhancing consumer confidence in the circulated food, as they verify the compliance of all food-related facilities with food safety laws and regulation, and their commitment to policies, legislation and technical regulations. Alameri further expressed his great appreciation for these efforts and their effective impact on maintaining food safety, as it is everyone's business.


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  • Last Updated On: Jun 07, 2020