ADFCA organizes awareness seminar on agricultural policies for its employees
9/5/2017 11:00 PM

Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) has organized an awareness session for its employees on agricultural policies, in the presence of Her Excellency Mozah Al Muhairi, Executive Director of Policy & Regulation Sector. The speakers explained the agricultural and animal policies, which are based on the objectives of Abu Dhabi Plan 2016-2020, to ensure safety and security food as well as realizing a sustainable agricultural sector.

During the session, the speakers stressed the importance of developing and spreading of these policies, which reflect the identity of the Authority. They also affirmed the need to have the appropriate means that enable the authority to take its responsibilities, accomplish its tasks and goals, build effective partnerships, and gain community confidence, to make a qualitative leap in the field of agriculture and animal wealth. These means are represented in developing new policies, building a stable and integrated legislative and regulatory system, reviewing the impact of applying such legislation in line with the social, economic aspects, and the legislative framework in force in the country.

In addition, the speakers stressed that the process of preparing policies is based on scientific bases, analyzing of the current situation, identifying the shortcomings that need to be addressed by using analytical tools, such as SWOT analysis, to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges. The policies will be based also on the best global experiences similar to the conditions of the emirate.

ADFCA is working on preparing and drafting new policies to achieve the desired positive change in the agricultural and food sectors. These policies will contribute to create new methods of agricultural production in the Emirate, such as improving and increasing agricultural production in quantity and quality, improving and increasing farmers' income, and modifying mechanisms and means of marketing products. The new policies also aim at increasing the contribution of the agricultural sector's share in the emirate's GDP.

The Authority pays great attention to the development of animal wealth by taking care of livestock, improving their production, and developing the production of farms. Therefore, ADFCA's policies also aim at modernizing the traditional methods used in the farms to increase their production. The  policies aims to meet the challenges that face the development of livestock, such as eradicating epidemic and endemic diseases, through encouraging the owners of farms to report any animal's diseases, providing immunization services, controlling the use of veterinary medicines and providing veterinary staff.

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