ADFCA meets with food suppliers in preparations for new academic year
9/4/2017 11:00 PM

Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA), represented by the Hospitals & Educational Institutions Control Unit, has held the annual meeting with food businesses that supply food to Abu Dhabi schools. Officials representing Abu Dhabi Education Council, Health Authority- Abu Dhabi, Department of Economic Development, Abu Dhabi Quality & Conformity Council, Institute of Applied Technology and Abu Dhabi Center for Technical & Vocational Education & Training participated in the meeting.

Within its preparations for the academic year 2017-2018, the main objective of the meeting was to brief the companies on health and food safety requirements of ADFCA, as well as other rules and regulations in force in the country.

During the meeting, the participants were introduced to ADFCA's activities and various achievements in the area of food inspections. The meeting highlighted the repeated violations, observations and the most important complaints received by ADFCA's inspectors during the last academic year. The owners of food facilities knew reasons of these observations and ways to avoid them in the future.

As part of its preparations for the new academic year, ADFCA is keen to direct food suppliers to take preventive measures to ensure the safety of food products. The authority also allocated part of the meeting time to discuss and respond to inquires of the owners of food companies, to raise the level of food safety in their companies.

ADFCA pays great attention to food inspections campaigns in the public and private schools and following-up all food products provided in its canteens. The authority is keen on ensuring the appropriate health conditions in these canteens, due to their significant impact on the health of the students and consumers of these products.

Meanwhile, ADFCA is working to ensure that all canteens, school restaurants and food companies are abiding by all the regulations and requirements set forth by the authority, to ensure the safety of students' food.

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  • Last Updated On: Apr 16, 2018