ADFCA meets with food establishment owners to introduce programs and legislations
6/2/2015 11:00 PM

A part of its efforts to strengthen the communications and relations with food establishments for the better results in maintaining food safety levels, Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) has organized a consultative meeting with food businesses operating in Abu Dhabi recently, at its head quarters in MBZ city.

The meeting which was convened by the Food Control Division shed light on the programs and regulations in force in Abu Dhabi emirate pertaining to food safety. Inspection procedures, organizational structure, work-scope and functioning of various sections and unit as well as important achievements of ADFCA were also explained by the officials.

On this occasion, Eng. Thamer Al Qasimi, Acting Director of Communication & Community Service Division said: "ADFCA has been keen on adopting various methods and channels to communicate with its customers in order to ensure betterment of service and performance. The consultative meeting focused on introducing the vision & mission of ADFCA as well as on several systems and  programs adopted by the Food Control Division to ensure maximum results. If the businesses are well aware of the systems to be followed in the facilities it will ease the inspection procedure and help us to achieve set targets"

The officials introduced the implementation of Risk-Based Inspection System, Environment & Health & Safety Requirements for food establishments, launching of Salamat Zadana, securing the international accreditation of Food Inspection Services-ISO 17020 (UKAS) and automation experiments such as PDA and  printers as the main achievements in recent times.

The officials also introduced ADFCA inspections system and the entire procedure starting with the routine visit that leads to correctional action phase and follow-up visits until the establishment reaches the satisfactory point.

Explaining the grading system, the officials urged businesses to escalate their performances to 'A' class so as to decrease the number of routine visits by the inspectors.

Free consultation service by ADFCA was introduced in the program which is available free of cost for new businesses as well as for those who needs amendment or adding of activity in the premises of running business. It is learnt that this service could save time, effort and money for the owner to  a great extend by proper internal design, process flow, and equipment distribution inside the kitchen which ensures food safety according to the activity and the nature of premise.

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