ADFCA honors 95 workers within its activities in Year of Giving
9/1/2017 11:00 PM

Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) has organized a celebration under the theme "Eid Gift", in its headquarters at Abu Dhabi, to honor its workers, in the presence of H.E. Mohammed Saeed Al Nuaimi, Executive Director of Corporate Services Sector. The celebration reflected ADFCA's keenness to consolidate the values of good and giving, and to enhance the spirit of community service and volunteerism among the society's members. It also highlighted the need to adopt good social humanitarian initiatives by the community's institutions, which contribute to form civilized societies that are keen to promote social solidarity among their members.

The celebration, which was organized from the personal contributions of the authority's employees, aimed at honoring 77 workers at the main headquarters of ADFCA in Abu Dhabi and 18 others in its branch in Al Ain. During the celebration, the workers received certificates of appreciation and material gifts. The celebration came in recognition of the workers role in serving the authority and creating happiness for its employees through their dedication to work and provide high quality services. It also came to motivate them to do their best while performing their duties.

The honoring was part of ADFCA's initiatives in the Year of Giving, through which the authority aimed to improve the living conditions of the community's members through providing material, moral and emotional support to such society's segments. Furthermore, ADFCA contributes to promote public service practices and social responsibility in the UAE community, as an example of the state's governmental and non-governmental institutions that are operating in community service works.

Through its social service arm "Auwn Initiative", ADFCA is keen on providing creative initiatives to achieve positive communication, create happiness among the community's members, as well as promoting values of community service through organizing the various activities. ADFCA seeks to play its role in serving all segments of the community through its close ties with charitable and humanitarian organizations concerned with social services in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. It also plays a vital role in many charitable activities and events carried out by those organizations to better the social situations in the emirate.

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