Mock evacuation drill at ADFCA hay stock & distribution centers
11/1/2015 9:00 AM

​As part of testing the preparedness for emergencies, Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority has recently carried out mock evacuation drills at its hay stock & distribution centers located across Abu Dhabi Emirate collaborating with Abu Dhabi Civil Defense.

Ali Yousef Al Saad, Acting Director of Communication & Community Service Division at ADFCA said the mock drills were conducted in order to reaffirm our preparedness for emergencies such as fire outbreak.

"Here, in hay stock & distribution centers, emergency preparedness is a matter of high concern. During the mock drill, we tested how much we are prepared for possible disasters and how effectively we could act according to the evacuation and rescue plan" -he said.

According to him, ADFCA has plans to carry out such evacuation drills at all its 17 hay stock & distribution centers located in various parts of the emirate.

He said, ADFCA has already developed an emergency task team trained to handle emergency situations according to the hazard level of incidents and in cooperation with concerned authorities such as National Emergency Crisis & Disasters Management Authority, Abu Dhabi Civil Defense General Directorate, Abu Dhabi Police, Health Authority – Abu Dhabi, Environment Agency- Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi General Services Company- Musanada, Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Authority, Department of Municipal Affairs and UAE Armed Forces.

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  • Last Updated On: Nov 09, 2015