Awareness program for animal breeders and farm owners in Western Region
10/28/2015 9:10 AM

​Farm owners and animal breeders in Western Region area were invited to an exclusive awareness program organized by ADFCA Agricultural Affairs Sector recently in which the participants were enlightened about the latest knowledge in the area of animal farming with a focus on the best practices for sustainability in the agricultural field.

The program was held being part of ADFCA's efforts to improve its performance in the areas of agricultural and animal wealth services as well as in sync with the Abu Dhabi Government strategic objectives for 2020 which targets food security and sustainability of agricultural sector.

The program shed light mainly on three areas, namely goat breeding, broiler chicken farming and rationalized water use in the agriculture.

A detailed account of what the Agricultural Affairs Sector is offering to customers in terms of programs and services was shared with the participants which was followed by an open session to express new ideas, opinions and suggestions.

While commenting on the program, H.E. Mubarak Al Qusaili, Executive Director of ADFCA Agricultural Affairs Sector said ADFCA is organizing the program in a time when the importance of the two areas- Agriculture and Animal wealth- is more underscored by policy makers and business players given the potential capacity of both sectors in contributing in the efforts to achieve food security in the emirate as well as in UAE.

He pointed that ADFCA is keen to organize such awareness programs across the emirate in order to increase productivity and quality of products both in agriculture and animal wealth areas hoping for a better future where security and sustainability of food is achieved at its best.

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  • Last Updated On: Nov 02, 2015