Lecture on wise use of water and electricity
10/28/2015 9:10 AM
Facilities Management & Services Division at Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority has organized recently a lecture program on the wise use of water and electricity as part of its efforts to spread the culture of rational use of resources among employees and staff.

The program was held in cooperation with Abu Dhabi Distribution Company (ADDC).

Eng. Abdulla Al Badi, head of water engineering division at the ADDC, who delivered the lecture, stressed the need for spreading the culture of rationalized use of resources for a sustainable and better future for human beings.

He shared with the audience a number of things to be taken care of while using water and electricity, both in office and at home, which can substantially contribute in the efforts to save environment and the resources in the country.

He described the intensity of over use and wrong use of resources with the support of a number of informative slides and infographics, in addition to inviting the attention of the gathering to some simple practices, but, having the capacity to contribute in sustaining natural resources.

"Closing water taps properly, not to keep them open for long, avoiding water hose to wash dress or vehicles, being keen to switch off electronic appliances when not in use, opting for energy saving technologies, spreading echo-friendly devices such as solar heaters and installing sensor-controlled lighting systems are some easily applicable practices to protect our natural resources" - he pointed.

In this connection, Ali Yousef Al Saad, Acting Director of Communication & Community Service Division at ADFCA said, the authority has been always keen to spread the culture of wise use of resources among its employees and staff by adopting an effective plan which is being implemented in its various offices.

He praised the manifold efforts ADDC is exerting in protecting the resources in the country and expressed his gratitude over organizing the program at ADFCA headquarters.

Bader Al Shehhi, Director of Facilities Management & Services Division honored the guest and handed over ADFCA memento.

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